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Jonathan Nahmiach
Donor Relations Officer
Weizmann Canada's Women and Science Commitee was founded in Toronto in 1988.

For over a decade, the Committee has hosted Wonderful Women, an elegant event series dedicated to celebrating and empowering women and promoting life-changing research.

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In 1988, the late Canadian philanthropist Marvelle Koffler, wife of the late Murray Koffler, became aware that the intellectual strength of women was not being utilized at the Weizmann Institute, and founded the International Weizmann Women for Science program to champion women in the scientific world.


With Marvelle setting the stage, many Canadian women followed suit, taking leadership roles and continuing to champion women in the scientific arena in the ensuing years. Sharon Zuckerman, who has been involved with Weizmann Canada almost since its inception, and served as President from 1995 to 2000, was instrumental in helping to build and brand the organization, not only in Canada but internationally. Francie Klein, another incredible champion for women in science and one of Weizmann Canada’s female leaders, served as Chair of the Women & Science Committee from 2005 to 2012. “Weizmann opened up a world of wonder with its fascinating research, brilliant scientists and the experience of being part of the Weizmann family.” Michele Atlin first became involved with Weizmann Canada through her mother, and found herself at home. “I stayed involved because I feel very passionate about what the Weizmann Institute accomplishes with respect to medical research. The research benefits all of us and I find it extremely gratifying to be a part of an Institute making a global impact, today and on future generations.” Michele took the helm of the Women & Science Committee in 2012. With her fellow Committee members, she has taken the annual Wonderful Women event to new heights, raising record breaking funds each year.

Weizmann Canada Women & Science Committee Members


Calgary Co-Chairs Jamie Gelfand & Deborah Yedlin

  • Lauren Bell
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Lily Lister
  • Andrea Morris
  • Robin Murphy
  • Raechelle Paperny
  • Lesley Rigg
  • Kimberly Rothenberg


Toronto Chair Michele Atlin

  • Eleanor Appleby
  • Elizabeth Breen
  • Laurie Cohen
  • Reggie Greenberg
  • Francie Klein
  • Alana Kotler
  • Michelle Levy
  • Jeysa Martinez
  • Myrna Ossip
  • Nancy Pencer
  • Linda Reitapple
  • Estelle Richmond
  • Susan Rose
  • Hyla Satov
  • Wendy Shapira
  • Vivian Silverberg
  • Irena Stankovic
  • Joyce Tanner
  • Jennifer Tugg

Questions? Call us!

Jonathan Nahmiach
Donor Relations Officer