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Weizmann League spotlight – For the love of science

Celebrating their first wedding anniversary, Weizmann League members Laurent Aflalo and Amanda Walsh look back at the Weizmann event at which they met and share why they are inspired to support science for the benefit of humanity

When Laurent Aflalo and Amanda Walsh first got involved with the Weizmann League, Weizmann Canada’s network of young professionals, they couldn’t have expected what they would get from it. With the goal of supporting world-leading research at the Weizmann Institute and meeting like-minded supporters, the two passionate philanthropists would end up finding each other. 

They first had the opportunity to meet in October of 2018 when Weizmann Canada hosted ‘Imagining the Future,’ featuring Weizmann’s Prof. Yaron Lipman on his artificial intelligence research. The two quickly developed a genuine friendship, sharing a love for science that would eventually evolve into love for each other.

Laurent and Amanda pictured together at the back table, at the ‘Imagining the Future’ event where they met in 2018.

In addition to the passion they share for the research coming from the Weizmann Institute, they also both work and have a background in science. Laurent holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Development, with a specialization in clinical research and has been working as a pharmaceutical representative since 2015. He is also the founding president of the Weizmann League’s Montreal Chapter and visited the campus in 2018.

Laurent in front of the Koffler Accelerator during a campus visit in 2018.

Amanda is in her final year of her Bachelor of Science with a specialization in biology and has participated in various areas of research, including as a research assistant at McGill University, as a finalist in the Brain Tumour Research Symposium of scientific innovation, and was the third-place winner of the Pam and Rolando Del Maestro Family Undergraduate Student Research Competition Awards. 

Reflecting on why they are so passionate about science and research, Laurent and Amanda talk about how they both understand the impact that science has on the world and how every small discovery can greatly advance our knowledge and quality of life. “Science unlocks things we thought were impossible and enhances our understanding of ourselves and the universe. It leads to medical breakthroughs and historical achievement. Simply put, science is the method we use to advance human civilization to make tomorrow a better place for all.” 

Laurent and Amanda on their wedding day on August 8, 2021

For them, the Weizmann community is the ideal place to explore their passion for science and support research that they know will benefit humanity. “Knowing that we can share the knowledge of Weizmann by spreading awareness of the research that takes place and encouraging collective participation in one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions is something we do with pride.” 

Laurent and Amanda celebrated their first anniversary on August 8, 2022, and are now expecting the birth of their first child, turning what was initially a chance to meet fellow philanthropists and learn about Weizmann research, into their very own Weizmann fairy tale.  


The Weizmann League comes together for educational experiences, networking opportunities with like-minded passionate individuals, and fundraising in support of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Through special programs and events, Weizmann League members learn about the Weizmann Institute’s ground-breaking work and have opportunities to meet trailblazing scientists fighting cancer and other diseases, protecting the planet and advancing technology for the benefit of all of humanity. Learn more 



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