Weizmann Canada supporters overwhelmingly reject world where scientific discovery doesn’t exist

The pandemic has shone a brighter light on the advancements in health, only made possible through scientific discovery. As part of its final campaign of the year 2021, Weizmann Canada asked its supporters to simply imagine “What if science didn’t exist?’ 

This fictional world would mean not having the tools to screen for fetal abnormalities or to detect lung cancer through blood tests, or no hope for a COVID-19 drug treatment or never being able to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. 

Fortunately, Weizmann scientists have been working to find answers to these mysteries and many other ‘what ifs’ since 1934. These ‘what ifs’ compelled the Weizmann Canada community to invest a record $194,000 in Giving Tuesday and year end giving appeals – an approximate 100 per cent increase from the previous year’s campaign investments.  

Weizmann Canada is incredibly grateful for very generous matching gifts from Jeff and Laurie Cohen, Dr. Dan Andreae and Jeff and Pauline Segel (a total of $71,000 in matching funds), that created a solid foundation to kickoff the final campaign of the year.  

Weizmann Canada’s National Board of Directors and volunteers across the country also greatly contributed to the campaign’s success, through their own investments and by connecting with peers within their networks.  


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