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Volunteer spotlight: Adam Betel

Adam Betel, co-chair of Toronto’s Weizmann League, discusses getting connected with the Weizmann community, engaging the next generation of philanthropists and developing a passion for curiosity-driven research

In 2017, Adam Betel was visiting a friend in Tel Aviv and decided to include a trip to the Weizmann Institute of Science as part of the visit. While he was fascinated to learn about the history of the Institute and scope of the research, it was a coincidental encounter that confirmed that the Weizmann community was right where he wanted to be.

Adam Betel and his friend ’s brother, Jason, during his first visit to the Institute in 2017.

During that visit, Adam recalls touring Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s lab (founder and first President of the Weizmann Institute) and signing the guest book, only to notice the signature of a popular-science author from the day before, whose book Adam was reading that trip. Seeing an author that he was interested in showing a shared interest in the Weizmann Institute, proved to Adam that he was in the right place.  

After returning to Toronto, he wanted to get more involved and learned about the Weizmann League, Weizmann Canada’s network of young philanthropists with a passion for science. “After visiting the Institute and learning about the Weizmann League, I was thrilled to be able to contribute my time and be a part of it,” Adam says. 

Discovering a world of science 

Since joining, Adam’s had a front-row seat to the amazing research coming from the Institute and has met some of Weizmann’s leading researchers, including ones studying sustainability, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. He also personally introduced Prof. Alon Chen, President of the Weizmann Institute, last December when the Weizmann League hosted a ‘Science on Tap.’ 

Adam (right) after introducing Prof. Alon Chen (left) at Science on Tap in December 2022

With the goal of growing the Weizmann League in Toronto, Adam wants to help his generation get interested in leading research and get as excited as he is for what the future of science holds. Discussing his goals for the Weizmann League, Adam says, “We can bring science and philanthropy to younger generations in a way that is relevant and interesting to them. People are blown away when you tell them about the research being done at Weizmann. They just need the exposure to it.”  

A culture of curiosity 

Adam was married this past summer and travelled to Israel with his wife Marni for their honeymoon stopping once again for a campus tour. Only six years after his first Weizmann campus visit, Adam was amazed to see the progress across campus on all the construction projects, including the updated Clore Garden of Science.

Adam and his wife Marni during their recent visit to the Institute

Adam also gained a further understanding of the work-life culture on campus. “Now that I’m older, I have a new appreciation for what they have built for scientists and their families, from residences to daycares. Scientists can build a life there, while contributing to amazing research.” 

What stands out to Adam most about Weizmann and what he highlights in conversations with his own network is that “the Weizmann Institute has culture of curiosity and an attitude towards innovation that empowers scientists to collaborate and explore those curiosities.” 


Interested in joining the Weizmann League? 

Join a group of leaders who are working together to promote science for the future of humanity. The Weizmann League empowers young professionals to help advance transformative research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, through educational experiences, programs, events, and networking opportunities. 

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