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Weizmann Canada was thrilled to host worldrenowned professors from the Weizmann Institute of Science over the past few months.

In December, we welcomed Prof. Rafi Malach, a neuroscientist whose research focuses on neuronal activity and sensory perception. He gave a fascinating talk to an intimate group of Montreal supporters about ‘your active brain at rest’, and also looked to the future with the rapidly developing world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on brain research.

While Prof. Eran Segal was in Canada working on a collaboration with the University of Montreal, he made time for a lunch with Weizmann supporters. Prof. Segal spoke about his multidisciplinary research into nutrition, microbiomes, and gene regulation. Guests were intrigued by the personal nutrition app his team was in the process of creating.

In February, the Calgary Chapter hosted Prof. Michael Walker at The Ranchmen’s Club. Prof. Walker spoke about his diabetes research, and Chapter member Deborah Yedlin led a Q & A session with attendees.

We were also honoured to have Prof. Daniel Zajfman, President of the Institute, in Canada this past September. Prof. Zajfman met with donors in Toronto and Montreal and spoke to a large gathering at the Mount Stephen Club in Montreal, an event hosted by Nathalie and Laurent Amar. Finally, Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph, Vice-President of Resource Development and Public Affairs, was the guest of honour at a luncheon graciously hosted by Valeria Rosenbloom in Boca Raton, Florida.

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