The Weizmann Institute Of Science
Visit the Campus
Experience the wonders of Weizmann with a visit to the magnificent Weizmann Institute of Science campus.

Enjoy a personal VIP visit tailored to your interests, including campus sites, research projects and labs. Explore the formal residence of the First President of Israel and founder of the Weizmann Institute, Chaim Weizmann. The campus is located in Rehovot, which is just 45 minutes from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Here’s what some visitors had to say…

“I have no idea what the future will bring, but I’m sure that much of it is already being dreamed up at the Weizmann Institute.”

— Rick & Lillian Ekstein, campus visitor

“By focusing on curiosity, the Institute creates an atmosphere of interdisciplinary collaboration across different specialities that generates unique insights in broad areas from molecular genetics to mathematics.”

— Charles (Chuck) Burger, campus visitor and Weizmann League member

"One picture is worth a thousand words and one trip to the Institute is worth a thousand pictures."
— Prof. Haim Harari, Former President, Weizmann Institute of Science
The new Clore Garden of Science
A visit to the Institute is the best way to experience Weizmann science in action!
To plan your tour, please contact Patricia Ottoni at [email protected]