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The Greenbergs are Supporting Sparks of Science
Mission is to empower Israeli Youth

The Sparks of Science program at the Weizmann Institute changes the lives of youth from the Israeli-Ethiopian community. Twice a week, students work in labs at the Davidson Institute of Science Education on the Weizmann campus, building their skills in science, math and technology. They also take part in empowerment and personal skills workshops, community work, and social activities with peers. The goal is not only to enhance the educational experience of these students, but to increase their self- confidence and sense of self-worth.

This was the cause that inspired Reggie and Sidney Greenberg. They have long been involved with programs that empower youth, and they recognized the potential of Sparks of Science to ignite a passion for learning in these students. They have witnessed it firsthand with the letters of appreciation they have received from participants like this one:

“This program has helped my friends and me so much. Every Sunday we get to learn something new that we wouldn’t learn in school, and we also get help with our homework from very kind students who always make sure we take advantage of our potential and encourage us to develop our knowledge in different sciences”.

Science opens doors, and Reggie and Sidney are providing these students with access to mentorship from Weizmann scientists and teachers, an invaluable resource in their pursuit of higher education.

Reggie toured the Weizmann Institute in 2016 and came away enthralled with the campus. During the visit, she met with Shiri Tal, the Head of External Relations at the Davidson Institute, who shared with her the impact of the Greenberg’s support of the Sparks of Science program. It was an inspirational moment for Reggie – “I came out very proud to be involved with such an organization”.

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