Technology For A Better World
Weizmann scientists developed the technology behind light-sensitive eyeglasses and windshields; are working toward next-generation computers via quantum electronics; creating artificial vision and image-recognition systems; and are using technology to improve security, such as a program that safety-checks complex systems ranging from nuclear reactors to spacecraft.
Computers of the past - and the future
In 1954, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers built Israel’s first computer—one of the first in the world. Recently, an Institute scientist created a DNA-based biological computer so tiny that a trillion can fit in a drop of water.
Science that changes the face of disability
Imagine science that helps people who are paralyzed to get around and locked-in patients communicate - all by sniffing.
Securing private information online
Beginning in the 1970s, a Weizmann mathematician and two colleagues at MIT developed several methods of encrypting and decrypting information. In addition to laying the foundation of internet security, this technology led to “smart cards” and is today used in global financial and governmental communications.
Give them the freedom to dream and this is what happens...
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A Gift for Drug Discovery
News From The Institute | Science Stories
A Weizmann Institute-based innovation in echocardiography—the use of ultrasound waves to investigate heart health—is poised to improve diagnostics for cardiac patients.
Science Stories | Donor Spotlights
The new 7-Tesla MRI is being swung into its new home in the Lubin Building where it will begin its new role as the centerpiece...
Yaron Lipman
Weizmann in the Media | Science Stories
Yaron Lipman is a professor in the computer science and applied mathematics department at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. Lipman heads a team doing...
Yossi Elran
News From The Institute | Science Stories | Scientists
Plenty of scientists and educators have ideas bubbling on the back burner—perhaps an app for teaching physics, a new way to chart climate patterns, or...
Weizmann in the Media | Science Stories | Scientists
Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionize the world as we know it. Professor Yaron Lipman, from the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department at the...
News From The Institute | Science Stories
Very tiny objects—on the scale of atoms and electrons—behave in strange ways that do not conform to the laws of classical physics. But few people...