Team Spotlight
Team spotlight – Kylah Thomson

With a passion for community building and showing how the role of science is active in our everyday lives, Kylah Thomson reflects on her more than two and half years as the Development Coordinator with the Weizmann Canada team.  

Despite not coming from a background in science, Kylah was drawn to Weizmann Canada with an interest in wanting to do work that was meaningful. Very quickly she started to learn more about the impressive  impact that the Weizmann Institute of Science has had, and was quickly won over. 

“Science was brought back down to earth for me. I have the privilege of being connected to cutting-edge research and discoveries which continue to benefit all of humanity!” She reflects on learning early on that Weizmann researchers are responsible for the algorithm that make online banking transactions secure and realizing the scope of Weizmann’s impact. It is this impact that she now loves sharing with donors and volunteers across the Weizmann Canada community. 

In addition to working with donors across Canada, Kylah leads the Weizmann League, Weizmann Canada’s network of young professionals. As budding philanthropists, she reflects on the inspiration she gets from them and the passion they already have for supporting science. “It’s incredible  how active they are as philanthropists and I find their commitment so admirable.”  

This past Spring, the Toronto Weizmann League chose mental health as the area of research to focus on, raising over $2,500, capped off by an event with Weizmann’s Dr. Yoav Livneh on mental health and the connection to the body. 

While always enjoying the opportunity to work with this passionate group, one of the top highlights of Kylah’s time at Weizmann Canada was getting the opportunity to meet and hear from Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian woman to go to space, as she moderated a panel discussion celebrating women in science 

Dr. Roberta Bondar moderating a panel discussion with National Postdoctoral Award for Advancing Women in Science recipients Dr. Elena Meirzadeh, Dr. Shira Weingarten-Gabbay and Dr. Naama Aviram.

As a former Girl Guide, Kylah remembers looking up to Dr. Bondar since she was young, with the fellow former Girl Guide famously juggling Girl Guide cookies in space. Looking back at the 2019 event, Kylah reflects, “She has been an inspiring  advocate for women and science and it was amazing to hear her talk about her experience in space and advancing women’s roles in science. It lived up to all my expectations and more.” 

Looking ahead, Kylah is excited to continue growing the Weizmann Canada community, help groups of philanthropists support the areas of science that are most important to them and show them the impact they have. “I love bringing together different communities of philanthropists and helping them see the difference they are making.”