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Supporter spotlight: Dr. Arthur Slutsky C.M.

Weizmann Canada’s newly appointed National Board Chair, Dr. Arthur Slutsky discusses his support of the Weizmann Institute, the importance of basic research and the impact he hopes to have in his new role.

As a scientist, engineer and physician, Dr. Arthur (Art) Slutsky understands the crucial role that basic research holds in enhancing our understanding of the world, thus allowing innovative solutions to significant challenges. With a background in respiratory sciences, he gives the example of how a comatose, apneic (i.e., non-breathing) patient was treated a few centuries ago, before the discovery of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  

At the time, it was thought that the reason a patient stopped breathing was because they lacked sufficient stimulation. If the basic mechanism was lack of stimulation, then the treatment should be to stimulate them. As such, the recommended treatments to resuscitate patients included extreme measures such as whipping the patient, hanging them upside down, or even throwing them over a trotting horse.  

“If you don’t understand the mechanism, you’re never going to make the big breakthroughs to improve health,” says Art. That is why the Institute has always stood out to him.  

“Weizmann is impacting humanity by helping us understand how the world works,” he says. “From the brain to clean energy to the farthest galaxies, it is basic research that will provide innovative discoveries that can be translated to improve the world.” 

Introduced to Weizmann Canada by his friends and current International Board members, Cathy Beck and Laurence Rubin, Art joined the National Board in 2017 and has since learned even more about the superb basic research being carried out at Weizmann. 

Dr. Laurence Rubin, Dr. Arthur Slutsky and Prof. Ron Milo at Weizmann Canada’s Mission Imperative event in Toronto in September 2022.
“Environmental sustainability is critical for us — for our kids, our grandkids and the world going forward.”
— Dr. Arthur Slutsky

With opportunities to hear from scientists visiting Canada and having visited the Weizmann campus himself, he has also become more interested in the brain and neuroscience and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on all areas of research. Discussing advancements in climate and sustainability research, another area he’s gained a further appreciation for, Art says, “environmental sustainability is critical for us — for our kids, our grandkids and the world going forward.” 

Serving on Weizmann Canada’s Board since 2017, Art was recently appointed to Board Chair, taking over from Jeffrey Cohen who led the Weizmann Canada Board for eight years. Recognizing the big shoes to fill and the work that Jeff did behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, Art is excited to take on the role. “The Weizmann Canada community has had incredible impact at Weizmann, so I hope I can do as good a job as Jeff did.” 

As a scientist, Art hopes to help steward more collaboration between Weizmann and Canadian researchers and will aim to leverage the knowledge and experience of fellow board members in leading initiatives they are passionate about.

Pictured: Myra and Arthur Slutsky on the Weizmann Institute campus during the annual celebration of science and philanthropy in November 2022.
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