Support emergency programming at the Davidson Institute


Since the terrorist attacks on October 7, science educators from the Davidson Institute of Science Education, the Weizmann Institute’s educational arm, have been delivering educational programming to children and families from the Kibbutzim that were attacked and other impacted areas.

As they were evacuated and put into hotels and shelters, the Davidson team acted immediately to bring programming and science-based activities to them. In a recent Weizmann on the home front Zoom conversation, Davidson educators shared inspiring stories of the impact of their work, and how parents were grateful to see their kids laughing and having fun for the first time in weeks.

Join the Weizmann League, Weizmann Canada’s network of young professionals and philanthropists, in supporting this incredible work of the Davidson Institute science educators, who are bringing back a much needed sense of normalcy to children and families who have been through horrors.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, explore, and dream of a future filled with possibilities. A gift today will support efforts to bring science education to children, fostering their curiosity and empowering them to shape a better future. 

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