Give to the Unexpected
Science speaks louder than words: Donate to research + get PPE masks

Father’s Day is days away. And, it made me think, what do I need another tie for? The sentiment is appreciated, but it’s the person behind the gift that matters to me.

Especially in a pandemic, the health of my loved ones is something I think about every day.

This year, whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your dad, your son, your brother or any other father in your life, give them a gift that our wellbeing depends on – science.

Until June 24, your gifts over $100 to Weizmann coronavirus research will also provide your loved one with two limited-edition masks (PPE) to protect them.

Think about it. With your investment now to accelerate coronavirus research, next year at this time wearing masks in public could be a thing of the past – just a memento of the difference your gift made.

All you need to do:

  1. Go to www.raisedays.com/covid19fund
  2. Click on ‘Donate now’
  3. Donate $100 or more
  4. Within 48 hours of your donation, a Weizmann Canada team member will confirm the delivery address for your gift (that gift can even be for you!)
  5. Let your loved one know of your gift in their name and to expect a special delivery (masks will be delivered in the coming weeks)

Because of growing interest in this unprecedented opportunity to be part of meaningful global solutions, Weizmann Canada has extended their coronavirus research crowdfunding campaign until June 30.

If you’ve already given, we thank you for your generosity. Weizmann Canada also understands that some people are themselves experiencing financial challenges. If you cannot give at this time, we appreciate your previous support.

Science speaks louder than words (or ties) this Father’s Day. Trust in science as it will see us through this.

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