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Remembering Sharon Zuckerman

Weizmann Canada mourns the loss of dear friend and dedicated supporter Sharon Zuckerman, z”l who passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family, on October 31, 2021.

Sharon first became involved with Weizmann Canada through her friend, Murray Koffler, z”l  who had raved about the Institute. After visiting the campus with her late husband George, Sharon began to understand Murray’s passion and years later she recalled

“It just sort of grew, slowly, and eventually I became very involved.”
— Sharon Zuckerman

As a long-standing member of Weizmann Canada, Sharon Zuckerman was a friend and advocate for the Weizmann Institute of Science for decades. She not only invested her money, but her time, energy and her hope that she could make a difference.

Sharon was a true visionary and understood the value of basic research. When she met Prof. Avigdor Scherz, a rising star in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, she immediately recognized his potential to make a difference in melanoma research. Sharon was so inspired, she wrote a cheque to support his lab right on the spot. Over the years, she became very close with Avigdor and his family and spoke proudly of the success of the Sharon Zuckerman Laboratory for Research in Systems Biology. Avigdor is credited for having co-developed TOOKAD® Soluble, a treatment for prostate cancer. Sharon’s generous support of Avigdor’s research was recognized in a 2017 Weizmann tribute.

Beyond her support of Prof. Scherz, Sharon was a benefactor of the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute at the Weizmann Institute. She spoke so affectionately about the students who took part in the program,

“The kids wrote me such beautiful letters. The program has such a positive effect on a lot of people.”
— Sharon Zuckerman

Sharon was also one of the founders of Weizmann’s Women and Science committee. When she was President of Weizmann Canada, she was instrumental in helping to build and brand the committee, not only in Canada but internationally.

Sharon was a pioneer and a leader who has supported extraordinary research and scholarship programs that continue to make a major impact on many lives.

We are eternally grateful for Sharon’s passion, leaving such a profound legacy in support of science for the benefit of humanity.

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