Mission Imperative: National Sustainability Tour



 The climate challenge affects every aspect of our civilization and demands immediate action. To change our trajectory, we need to develop science-driven, fundamental breakthroughs that revolutionize how we live.

The next 10 years are crucial. Our goal is to make them count.

From September 12-16, 2022 we hosted our national sustainability tour to launch ‘Mission Imperative’ in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Weizmann scientists and industry experts led the conversation about game-changing research that can lead to innovative industry solutions.

Watch the recordings from the events below.


Montreal (Sept. 12): Leaders of Weizmann’s sustainability initiative, Prof. Avi Levy and Prof. Ron Milo, were joined by Montreal-based chef, John Winter Russell, with CTV’s Cindy Sherwin moderating the discussion. With a focus on food sustainability, they explored how innovative and research-backed solutions can make an substantial impact.


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Toronto (Sept. 13)
: Prof. Avi Levy and Prof. Ron Milo were joined in Toronto by Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO of Indigo and co-author of ‘Imagine It! A Handbook for a Happier Planet,’ and by Dr. Laurence Rubin, Professor of Medicine, Member of the Weizmann Canada National Board and Weizmann Institute SAERI Board, who moderated the discussion. They looked at how groundbreaking research can lead to industry solutions and the actions that individuals can take to make an impact.

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Vancouver (Sept. 15)
: Prof. Avi Levy was joined by Steve Hansen, Managing Director and Equity Analyst with Raymond James Ltd. They discussed new sustainability research coming from the Weizmann Institute and the impact they can have in transportation, chemicals and agribusiness industries.

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Calgary (Sept. 16)
: Prof. Avi Levy was joined in Calgary by Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, CEO of CL Ranches Ltd. and founding chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, along with Dawn Farrell, Chancellor of Mount Royal University and President and CEO of Trans Mountain Corp., who moderated the discussion. They explored the need for science-backed solutions in the agricultural industry and opportunities for improved sustainability in the energy sector.

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