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Inventing New Materials
The introduction of new materials continues to shape our lives, though with a greater diversity and quicker pace than in previous centuries. New materials can serve as energy sources and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, replace silicon and expand our computational capacities.
Creating new organs
Stem cell research by Weizmann’s Prof. Yair Reisner yielded the creation of functioning human kidneys in mice, offering hope for patients suffering from organ failure. The ability to “grow” new organs would save untold numbers of lives.
Imagine science that allows a material to transform between states based on exposure to light
Sunglasses and vehicle windshields that darken when bright light falls on them are familiar consumer goods that were developed following the discovery of photochromism in a Weizmann lab.
Imagine science that uses algae to fuel cars
Weizmann Institute Profs. Avihai Danon and Uri Pick are genetically engineering algae to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable biofuel.
Give them the freedom to dream and this is what happens...
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The quantum phenomenon known as tunneling is generally associated with highly controlled physics experiments, nuclear fusion in stars or futuristic setups for quantum computing.
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Clever materials are needed for producing, converting and storing energy in sustainable ways. And what could be cleverer than materials that repair themselves?
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