Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute
About the program
Since 1969, every summer a group of 80 outstanding students from all over the world come to the Davidson Institute of Science Education to take part in the month-long prestigious Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute. Immediately after finishing high school or in the first year of university, students are able to have their first experience in scientific research with the Davidson Institute of Science Education and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Through the pandemic, the program has been run online, with participants collaborating digitally on scientific projects and getting the same networking experiences with other participants and Weizmann staff that one would get in-person.

ISSI Online – July 4 to July 29, 2022

Similar to the ISSI 2021, the digital program this summer will be held to the highest academic standards, which are the core values of the Weizmann Institute and the Davidson Institute. Scientific projects are being specifically developed to meet the requirements of digital mentoring, while allowing the necessary flexibility. Social interactions and networking as well as cultural activities, will be implemented into the digital program, along with other scientific and ethical activities.

Age of Participants:

The International Summer Science Institute is open to talented science oriented students who either graduated from high school, are in their gap year, or are at their early stages of their undergraduate studies. Applicants must be at least 18 year old prior to the program’s start date.

Structure of the Program:

The first three weeks are devoted to the scientific projects, the 4th week is devoted to the social and cultural aspects of the program, and finalizing the scientific presentations.

Typical Daily Schedule (Sunday-Thursday)

Scientific Projects – Online mentoring by Weizmann students and staff scientists– in groups of up to 10 participants. Upon completion of the scientific projects, the research groups prepare a video presentation (TED talk format) presented before an assembly of their peers and mentors, and submit a written report. The scientific projects are done throughout the course of the day, mostly independent work performed by group members. Each group will meet online daily with their scientific mentors, within times scheduled by the groups and their mentors.

Daily meetings with ISSI coordinators – meeting together with all participants. These meetings include scientific lectures and meeting scientists from the Weizmann, cultural/social activities, discussions and debates (ethics, science – environment – society, multiculturalism, values). Students themselves are strongly encouraged to prepare and lead seminars on subjects in which they have interest.

Additional activities throughout the program
Committees leading various group projects: Arts of Science exhibit, debate teams, ISSI yearbook.
Off-hours socializing events hosted by participants/ISSI alumni.

Weekends (Friday-Saturday) – include free time for independent socializing between the participants.


Here’s what past participants said about the program:

“ISSI empowered me to discover a new meaning to science. It enabled me to explore not only my scientific field of interest, but learn about different scientific categories and discoveries. The experience allowed me to challenge myself amongst my peers and redesign how I perceive research. Being surrounded by students from Canada and across the world brought about a vast amount of knowledge and ideas to our summer experience, and will forever be a cherished experience for me.”  – Alexia Elbaz, 2019

“My experience as an intern at the Nir Davidson lab outshone each and every practical lab work I had done prior in my life. When it came to forming strong friendships and solidifying my interest in Physics, the three weeks I spent at the Weizmann Institute of Science had a bigger impact on my life than most of my years in high school.” – Artem Buyalo, 2019 

Apply now!

This year’s ISSI is taking place digitally from July 4 to July 29, 2022. You can apply through the application form here. Please send completed applications to Anna Katsafouros at anna@weizmann.ca or contact her if you have any questions about the program.

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