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Immune Tolerance May Open New Horizons for Bone Marrow and Organ Transplants
Reducing the need for immune suppression could extend to other biomedical advances

Mismatched bone marrow transplants now save the lives of thousands of patients with leukemia and other blood malignancies, but these transplants can be risky. The patients’ immune systems need to be strongly suppressed in preparation for the transplant, leaving them vulnerable to infection immediately afterwards.

In a new study reported recently in Blood Advances, Prof. Yair Reisner and his team at the Murray Koffler Weizmann Institute of Science, together with Prof. Franco Aversa and other physicians at the University of Parma, developed a method for dramatically reducing the need for immune suppression before and after the mismatched transplant. This method may lead not only to safer bone marrow transplants – it could also facilitate organ

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On May 16 Weizmann Canada’s Montreal Chapter hosted a gala event dedicated to celebrating the philanthropic partners who support the work of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The event, called “LIMITLESS”, hosted more than 300 philanthropic leaders and members of the Montreal community.
To the Moon
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Israel’s first unmanned interplanetary spacecraft will launch in the beginning of 2019 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. If it lands on the Moon two months later, as hoped, Israel will join an exclusive club of countries—U.S., Russia, and China—that have sent spacecraft to the surface of Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor. The spacecraft was recently named Beresheet, the Hebrew word for ‘beginning’ and Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.
Yaron Lipman
Weizmann in the Media, Science Stories
Yaron Lipman is a professor in the computer science and applied mathematics department at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. Lipman heads a team doing cutting-edge research into the development of new technologies that can allow computers to capture images, analyze and manipulate them, and construct fragments into a coherent image. Lipman spoke to Weizmann supporters in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary recently.