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Honey Sherman - A Legacy of compassion

Weizmann Canada lost one of its Wonderful Women this past December with the passing of Honey Sherman. Honey was a supporter of the Wonderful Women event, with many of her closest friends serving on the Women & Science Committee. She was always very supportive of the Committee’s work, often telling her friends that they were doing inspiring work.

Honey was a leader in the philanthropic community and she had a passion for making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. With her husband, Barry, she made visionary gifts to Sinai Hospital, Baycrest Hospital, UJA Federation, and the University of Toronto, to name but a few of the organizations she supported over the years. In 1996, Honey and Barry were presented with the Outstanding Philanthropists Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Honey and Barry first became involved with Weizmann Canada in the early 1980s, supporting numerous projects at the Weizmann Institute, leading to the establishment of the Barry and Honey Sherman Wing for Biological Research, as well as the Nat and Helen Reich Laboratory at the Canadian Institute for the Energies and Applied Research in honour of Honey’s parents.

Their compassion and ability to ignite the spirit of philanthropy in others was truly commendable and a legacy for future generations.

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