Wonders of Weizmann

Have you ever marvelled at the convenience of online banking, felt relief as a loved one received the best possible cancer treatment, or switched to a more fuel-efficient vehicle to leave a smaller carbon footprint? 

If you’ve answered yes, then your life has been impacted by research at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Wow!

By following their curiosity and challenging existing thinking, our scientists have opened the door to groundbreaking and often unexpected discoveries.

Their efforts have had a global impact on technology, health and the environment. 

We need your help to ensure that the pace of groundbreaking research never falters.

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Discover the Wonders of Weizmann

Wonders of Weizmann

Fighting Cancer

Have you ever dreamed of a day when cancer treatment was like a routine check-up at the doctor?

Profs. Avigdor Scherz and Yoram Salomon developed a revolutionary prostate cancer treatment without debilitating side effects. The therapy takes only 90 minutes and allows patients to check out of the hospital the same day.

With over 60 research teams focusing on cancer, Weizmann scientists are laying the foundation for innovative diagnosis and treatment tools, giving hope to people suffering from this devastating disease.

Advancing Technology

Have you ever marvelled at the convenience of online banking or shopping from the comfort of your home?

Prof. Aid Shamir helped develop RSA encryption technology that formed the basis of internet security. This method is widely used today in securing financial transactions online.

Remaining at the forefront of innovation, Weizmann scientists are working on improving data privacy and creating advanced intelligent materials, such as nanotechnologies that deliver medicine and highly efficient solar cells.

Wonders of Weizmann
Wonders of Weizmann

Improving Brain Health

Have you ever wished for a quicker recovery for a family member suffering for a stroke?

Prof. Vivian Teichberg created a method that helps prevent serious brain damage from stroke, head injury or neurological disorder. This treatment increases the change and speed of recovery.

Weizmann researchers are prioritizing the study of neurological disorders. From examining how stress can help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, our scientists continue to expand knowledge of our most complex organ.

Protecting the Environment

Have you ever wondered how you can leave less of carbon footprint while still driving your car?

Prof. Reshe Tenne designed nanoparticles that serve as engine lubricants to dramatically increase car fuel efficiency. Better fuel efficiency means less air pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

Turning algae into sustainable biofuel, cleaning up our fresh water supplies and developing drought-resistant trees are some of the ways that Weizmann scientists are facing today’s environmental crises head-on.

Wonders of Weizmann