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Give to the Unexpected

Do you know the connection between zombies and heart repair?  Or how chalk can save the planet?  Have you heard about how a scratch made conception possible, or how a plant taught us about treating cancer? 

Everyday 2500 faculty and staff at the Weizmann Institute of Science are following their curiosity, working collaboratively and discovering unexpected results that are the building blocks of world-changing developments. 

Living and working together, the Weizmann Institute brings scientists together in unique and meaningful ways. Because of this — and because of support from our donors — world changing breakthroughs are happening in surprising and unexpected ways every single day at Weizmann. 

Sometimes a chance encounter with a stranger can lead to an idea that builds on a conversation you once had with a colleague at the playground. That conversation leads to an unlikely collaboration and manifests itself into an unexpected result. There is research and there is life. The Weizmann Institute brings those things together in unexpected ways, and sometimes, they lead us to unexpected breakthroughs. 

Thanks to the support of donors, our scientists have seen the results of their research used to develop new drugs, technology, and algorithms that have changed the world. 

For 55 years Weizmann Canada has supported the work being done at the Weizmann Institute thanks to help from our philanthropic partners. In that time unexpected things have led to thousands of breakthroughs. 

Do you know the connection between zombies and heart repair?  

Or how chalk can save the planet?  

Have you heard about how a scratch made conception possible, or how a plant taught us about treating cancer?  

As we kick off our 2019 annual giving campaign, we are excited to share some of these amazing stories of the unexpected with you. 

Between now and the end of the year, we are asking you to support the basic research that will create a better world. Whether it’s a one-time, monthly, annual or legacy gift, your donation is an investment in the future that will make a profound difference. 

Donate today and fund the unexpected.


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