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Girls Choose Science

Girls Choose Science is an initiative of the Davidson Institute of Science Education to inspire girls to pursue an education in scientific disciplines, with an eye towards a successful scientific career. Although we live in an era when women are assuming leadership positions in fields from which they were traditionally excluded, the number of women pursuing careers as scientists and engineers remains low. The three-year Girls Choose Science program is geared toward 9th-11th grade high-achieving female students. It will begin in the coming academic year (2018-2019) as a pilot, with 50 students.

A major aim of the Davidson Institute of Science Education is to encourage girls to study advanced STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, and to assist girls in breaking STEM’s glass ceiling, so that as they grow into adulthood, these women will strive to pursue careers in science. Investing in girls at a young age will help us develop a network of women who will act as role models for
future generations.

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