Gift Opportunities
Weizmann is comprised of five faculties—Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics. Gift opportunities support discoveries pertaining to the human body and the universe, to advances in medicine, technology, and the environment. Below are some current areas of focus.
Artificial Intelligence
Advancing AI across the sciences, including in drug discovery and disease diagnosis, computing and personalized medicine, robotics and astrophysics, and the environment
Brain & Neural Science
Harnessing new technologies to reveal the mysteries of the brain and develop treatments for Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, autism, learning disorders, and more
Frontiers of the Universe
Exploring the physics of the universe, from the tiniest particles to the largest galaxies, and launching space missions to understand the world around us – and beyond
Clean rooms (ABC Canadian Quantum Foundry)
In science, there is no such thing as too small to matter. From the potential for the greatest opportunities (like the electron), to the biggest threats (like COVID-19), we must invest in curiosity and discovery before we can change our world for the better.