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Jonathan Nahmiach
Donor Relations Officer
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4823 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 235
Montreal, QC
H3Z 1G7
1300 Yonge Street, Suite 409
Toronto, ON
M4T 1X3
Calgary, AB
Vancouver, BC

About our Chapters

Weizmann Canada local Chapters are groups of individuals who are working together regionally to put the hope of science in action through collaboration.

To get started, send an email to Jonathan Nahmiach, Donor Relations Officer.


Montreal Chapter

Chapter President: Danielle Bitton

    • Nathalie Amar
    • Sylvie Amar
    • Patricia Baker
    • Scott Binns
    • Bobbi Bidochka
    • Anne-Marie Boucher
    • Mala Crampton
    • Dr. Myriam Dahan
    • Stewart Harris
    • Marilyn Krelenbaum
    • Dahlia Lawee
    • Vanessa Mueggler
    • Joanne Nemeroff
    • Valeria Rosenbloom

Scientific Advisory Board:

    • Dr. Phil Gold
    • Dr. Cory Goldberg
    • Prof. Vicki Kaspi
    • Dr. Adrian Langleben
    • Dr. Nahum Sonenberg

Vancouver Chapter

Chapter President: Vacant

  • Robert Down
  • Anja Haman
  • Robert Nabi
  • Hilary Vallance
  • Ted Wenner
  • Sam Znaimer

Toronto Chapter

Chapter President: Francie Klein

Vice President: Michelle Glied-Goldstein

  • Michele Atlin
  • Amalia Berg
  • Anthony Beck
  • Marc Diamant
  • Rebecca Goldfarb
  • Susan Kellner
  • Dr. Stuart Klein
  • Susan Rose
  • John Rose
  • Myra Slutsky


Chapter President: Darlene Switzer-Foster

  • Dr. Jonathan Blankenstein
  • Dr. Brian Hartman
  • Dr. Eddy Lang
  • Stan Magidson
  • Martin Molyneaux
  • Dr. Emmeline Ruka
  • Jessica Switzer
  • Josh Switzer
  • Deborah Yedlin

Questions? Call us!

Jonathan Nahmiach
Donor Relations Officer