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Reading a message carried on a distant tide
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Solving a 140-year-old riddle
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The math at the basis of information theory could help explain systems like ocean waves
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When massive objects move through the cosmos, they cause ripples in space-time—the fabric of the universe. These ripples, called gravitational waves, were predicted by Albert...
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Today, the axiom that there is more to what we see than meets the eye isn’t just a philosophical statement about ascertaining reality. For physicists...
To the Moon
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Israel’s first unmanned interplanetary spacecraft will launch in the beginning of 2019 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Station in Cape...
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As Cassini reached its final act, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers took part in the last phase of the 20-year mission
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The best superconducting, solar-powered devices, operated under ideal laboratory conditions, can only convert about a third of the energy they collect from sunlight into usable...