Enriching Science Education
The Weizmann Institute of Science is dedicated to kindling the spark to discover all that is fascinating about science, encouraging people, through scientific and educational activities, to use their imagination, to develop their minds and abilities, to dream, to think, and find the joy in discovery and achievement.
The Davidson Institute's Innovation Center gives ideas wings
The Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centers serve as regional Science Campuses for high school students studying physics or chemistry. By concentrating resources – infrastructure, equipment and human resources – the Centers serve students from a large number of schools, enabling students to enjoy a laboratory building equipped with the best equipment, and a skilled and professional staff of teachers working under one roof in mutual enrichment.
Weizmann scientists are popping into classrooms—virtually—to engage in vibrant conversation with students and teachers about the marvels of science.
Give them the freedom to dream and this is what happens...
Science Stories
Ocean blooms
Science Stories, News From The Institute
Making the garden grow
Science Stories | Student Stories
Putting their textbook physics skills to a practical test, 19 teams from high schools around the world recently convened on the Weizmann Institute campus to...
Creative Science Exploration
Science Stories | Student Stories
An insight into creative science exploration at the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centre.
Science Stories | Donor Spotlights
The new Schwartz-Reisman Science Education Centers are poised to change the future of high school science education in Israel
Science Stories | Scientists
Prof. Irit Sagi took over as Dean on Jan. 1, following the term of Prof. Lia Addadi. Prof. Sagi is a member of the Department...
Science Stories
Girls Choose Science is an initiative of the Davidson Institute of Science Education to inspire girls to pursue an education in scientific disciplines, with an...
Science Stories | Donor Spotlights
The Weizmann Program for Excellence in Science Teaching was established to empower Israel’s high school science teachers by providing them with unique opportunities to expand...