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iScience: Enter the virtual classroom
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Personalized science education
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Dr. Flora Vincent talks about plankton, science outreach and her endless curiosity
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A remodeling of the Clore Garden of Science
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The first Neil Shore Recreational Math Workshop was held this summer on the topic of flexagons. The workshop hosted a diverse group of 30 researchers, origami artists, educators and junior and senior high school students.
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Putting their textbook physics skills to a practical test, 19 teams from high schools around the world recently convened on the Weizmann Institute campus to solve a repertoire of homemade riddles—crisscrossing cultures from the fantastical future to the primeval past.
Creative Science Exploration
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An insight into creative science exploration at the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centre.
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The new Schwartz-Reisman Science Education Centers are poised to change the future of high school science education in Israel