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Employer Matching

Through employer matching, your gift to the Weizmann Institute of Science can have double or triple the impact!

Many companies across Canada match their employees’ charitable donations to eligible non-profit organizations. By making use of the corporate gift matching program offered by your place of work, you can increase the value of your donation. 

Some employers will match dollar for dollar, while others will match at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio. Even donations from spouses, retirees and board members may be eligible. 

Opportunities for workplace giving: 

● Celebrate employee dedication
● Welcome new employees
● Recognize a birthday or anniversary
● Reward team members for a success
● Celebrate a holiday

How to get your gift matched? 

1. Contact your corporate donations officer or human resources department to find out if your company matches gifts and to obtain a matching gift application form. 

2. Fill in the form according to your company’s policies. 

3. Forward your matching gift form along with your donation to:

Weizmann Canada
4823 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 235
Montreal, QC
H3Z 1G7

For more information, please contact: