Donor Spotlights
Donor spotlight – Dr. Dan Andreae

As a longtime member of the Weizmann Canada community and the Weizmann Institute of Science’s International Board, Dr. Dan Andreae has always been on the lookout for fellow passionate ambassadors that are committed to the cause.

He recently sat down with Weizmann Canada to recognize and congratulate Zachary Schwartz for being awarded the 2022 Volunteer of the Year award. 

When Dan was asked why he supports Weizmann, he offered “It’s the idea of science for humanity’s sake. It’s for when the rubber hits the road, making changes that will lead to a better quality of life in all of these different areas. That’s what, to me, makes Weizmann special.” 

“There are many wonderful organizations devoted to science, but few of them, in my estimation, are really there to benefit people in a holistic way. It takes two wings to fly an airplane. One is knowledge and brilliant science. The other is humanity. And bringing those together is what Weizmann does so uniquely and beautifully,” he adds.  

Watch the full video to hear more from Dan and others within the Weizmann community who recognized Zachary Schwartz for his years of volunteer leadership commitment. Dan supports the lab of Weizmann’s Prof. Ivo Spiegel, inaugurated as the Dr. Daniel C. Andreae Laboratory for Brain Research. 


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