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Like bees to flowers or bears to ripe fruit, we are first attracted to food by its color. That is why everything from soft drinks to...
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It is the task of pharmaceutical companies to develop potential medications, then market and sell them to patients. And in the halls of academia, scientists are...
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A Weizmann Institute-based innovation in echocardiography—the use of ultrasound waves to investigate heart health—is poised to improve diagnostics for cardiac patients.
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The new 7-Tesla MRI is being swung into its new home in the Lubin Building where it will begin its new role as the centerpiece for...
Yaron Lipman
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Yaron Lipman is a professor in the computer science and applied mathematics department at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. Lipman heads a team doing cutting-edge...
Yossi Elran
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Plenty of scientists and educators have ideas bubbling on the back burner—perhaps an app for teaching physics, a new way to chart climate patterns, or a...