Weizmann Canada
Weizmann Canada is a community of people who promote science for the benefit of humanity; raising awareness and generating support for the outstanding research being done at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
A better world one question at a time
Since 1964, Weizmann Canada has partnered with individuals, families, foundations, and the business community to develop funding for the Weizmann Institute of Science; sharing the Institute’s research with the Canadian public; and promoting science literacy and educational programs across all age groups. From coast to coast, Weizmann Canada hosts parlour meetings and interactive evenings with Weizmann Institute Scientists; provides opportunities for participation in educational programs for high school students and young adults; and brings Canadians a front row seat to research that has – and will continue to – change the world.

Meet the Weizmann Canada Team
About the Weizmann Institute of Science
The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences. Founded in 1934, the Weizmann Institute has a long history of investigation and discovery rooted in a mission of advancing science for the benefit of humanity.

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Our values
    • A passion for basic science drives discovery. The absolute academic freedom, multidisciplinary approach and live-on-campus culture of the Weizmann Institute of Science nurture the joy of science.
    • This same passion inspires the team, donors and volunteers at Weizmann Canada. We are driven by our own love of discovery and learning. We are driven by the purpose of science: to develop new knowledge to benefit humanity and improve the world.

    • At the Weizmann Institute, the scientists and their students think collaboratively and creatively to develop new knowledge that benefits humanity. Basic research requires a long-term vision.
    • At Weizmann Canada, we invest in discovery, recognizing that with time, space, and resources the scientists at Weizmann put hope in action and make a global impact.

    • Curiosity is core to Weizmann's approach to innovation and excellence. With freedom to question, Weizmann scientists are able to develop new knowledge, and achieve ground-breaking and sometimes unexpected discoveries.
    • At Weizmann Canada, we are dedicated to fostering, empowering and supporting curiosity-driven science.

    • At Weizmann, there is an openness to share knowledge and embrace new ideas. The multidisciplinary approach catalyzes unbounded creativity and original thinking.
    • At Weizmann Canada, we are committed - together. We take collective responsibility to be catalysts for scientific discovery.

    • At the Weizmann Institute, respect for the world and humanity drives our science.
    • At Weizmann Canada, respect and gratitude are core to everything we do.

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Our creed

We are proud of who we are and what we have accomplished.

The vision of Dr. Chaim Weizmann remains core to our identity. The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel is one of the world’s leading basic science research institutions.

At Weizmann Canada, we are committed to advancing knowledge. We are motivated by knowing that respect for the world and humanity drives science at the Weizmann Institute.

We are passionate about raising awareness and generating funds for the outstanding research at the Weizmann Institute, and promoting scientific literacy. We have tremendous respect for the scientists at Weizmann, our donors, our volunteers, and each other.

The campus in Israel is characterized by joy and the pursuit of science. Weizmann Canada has a symbiotic relationship with the Institute: we are also a community that together experiences the joy of science.

The multidisciplinary approach at the Weizmann Institute transcends traditional silos. There is an openness to share knowledge and embrace new ideas. The Weizmann model enables each scientist’s freedom to be curious and the possibility of boundless creativity. The model encourages global collaboration. At Weizmann Canada, we are driven by how this approach enables innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe in the importance of collaboration and work together to promote and invest in scientific discovery – hope in action.

At Weizmann Canada, we are inspired by the achievements of the Institute and its scientists. In various well-regarded global rankings, the Weizmann Institute consistently ranks among the best research institutions in the world, and its scientists continue to win awards, including the Nobel Prize and Turing Award. World-class excellence is achieved by freedom to question, and investment both in time and resources to find answers.

Since 1964, at Weizmann Canada, our investment and commitment to basic research creates new knowledge, which leads to real world tangible benefits. Discovery at the Weizmann Institute of Science continues to produce significant accomplishments: every year there are multiple new inventions developed and patents awarded, and every year Weizmann innovation translates to new enterprises. Our specific impact includes:

    • We are credited for inventing amniocentesis,
    • We developed a block buster drug for multiple sclerosis, and
    • We developed encryption technology to power internet and smart cards.

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Our Canadian connections

Collaboration at Weizmann transcends borders and reaches us every day in Canada. In the past year, Weizmann has co-published with more than 40 Canadian organizations on a diverse range of subjects important to humanity. Weizmann Institute alumni are a powerful presence in Canada within academia, pharma, tech and other organizations. Weizmann Canada also promotes the following science literacy and educational programs to Canadians:

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