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A summer abroad
Seven Canadian students spent summer vacation at the Weizmann Institute of Science

For seven lucky Canadian students, summer vacation was spent traveling, making memories and participating in research that could change the world.

APPLY NOW FOR 2020! Application period open for the International Summer Science Institute program until March 1, 2020.

What did you do on your summer vacation? For seven lucky Canadian studentssummer vacation was spent traveling, making memories and participating in research that could change the world. 

Six Montreal students; Artem Buyalo, Jarred Weinberger, Olivia Benabou Attar, Alexia Elbaz, Emma Elbaz and Gabriella Castiel, joined other recent high school graduates from around the world at the Weizmann Institute of Science as part of the International Summer Science Institute program (ISSI). The students spent a total of four weeks at the Institute, participating in laboratory research, presenting their findings and submitting a scientific report. It wasn’t all work though– the ISSI participants also spent time exploring the Galilee and Jerusalem and visiting the desert where they received an introduction to space science!  

ISSI participants Emma Elbaz (middle) and Gabriella Castiel (right) in the lab of Prof. Michal Neeman

In addition to the ISSI program, the Weizmann Institute also hosts a Visiting Student program. The program invites international students pursuing science at a university level to join one of the Institute’s research groups and share in the “Weizmann Experience”. This year, Angie Hu, a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, spent 8 weeks in the laboratory of Dr. Yifat Merbl, whose cutting-edge research lies at the intersection of biochemistry, proteomics, and immunology.  

During these past 8 weeks as a visiting student, I had the opportunity to witness and explore what makes the Weizmann Institute such an exceptional research institution: dedication to curiosity-driven discovery, excellent collaboration across the disciplines, access to advanced core facilities, and amazing programs that support women in science. In the Merbl Laboratory, in addition to the valuable research concepts and techniques I learned, I have been greatly inspired by a passionate and dedicated group of scientists who have been wonderful mentors and role models for me. These experiences have deepened my love and curiosity for science and have provided me with guidance on the direction of my future career path. I would like to thank the University of Calgary for their support and Weizmann Canada for following me on this incredible journey. – Angie Hu

Visiting Students program participant Angie Hu

If you know a student who would love the opportunity to visit the Weizmann Institute, either as part of the ISSI program or as a Visiting Student, please contact nathaliek@weizmann.ca or via phone at 1-800-387-3894.

APPLY NOW FOR 2020! Application period open for the International Summer Science Institute program until March 1, 2020.

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