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Give to the Unexpected
A scratch can create a child
A story about how sometimes the unexpected changes lives... and sometimes it makes them. 

An unexpected discovery during a research procedure helped create life.  The discovery led to a technique that has dramatically increased successful pregnancies, allowing families to grow, and children to be born who might otherwise not have.

Imagine being unable to have a child. That’s the reality for many people, and without the unexpected discovery of Prof. Nava Dekel from the Department of Biological Regulation, and the power of a little scratch, many babies today would never have been born.  

It all began with a theory about a protein in the uterus and its relation to conception. To test the theory Prof. Dekel and her team performed endometrial biopsies on 12 patients who had failed to conceive during multiple in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.  

The biopsies were successful, and Prof. Dekel and her team began further research on the protein. To their surprise, the research had other unexpected outcomes. 11 of the 12 women biopsied conceived during their next IVF treatment. Due to the small scratch left behind after the biopsy, women unable to conceive were now carrying the children they had been waiting years for. 

Little things matter, and because Prof. Dekel paid attention to every detail, her research led to unexpected results. Her research led to hundreds of fertility clinics around the world using this technique in their IVF procedures. Her research led to more successful pregnancies for mothers and more beautiful babies to warm their hearts and complete their families.  

Unexpected things can happen when people are given the opportunity to follow their curiosity. Unexpected things can lead to unexpected breakthroughs. Breakthroughs that will save the planet, cure disease, create life and heal. 

Your support gives researchers the opportunity to follow their curiosity, to allow for unexpected discoveries that can lead to breakthroughs that can grow families. But a single breakthrough is never enough, we need to keep moving, and we can’t do it without you.

Give to the unexpected. Help change the world.



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