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The Weizmann Institute of Science's more than 80 years of impact starts with a simple question and plenty of imagination and drive. But it takes even more to power our researchers and their laboratories to life-changing success. Individuals, corporations and foundations around the world invest generously in the Weizmann Institute’s research, graduate education and scientific outreach programs, including many Canadians who share our belief in the power of research. Continuing to give scientists the time, space and resources to imagine and discover is the priority of Weizmann Canada.
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Artificial Intelligence
Advancing AI across the sciences, including in drug discovery and disease diagnosis, computing and personalized medicine, robotics and astrophysics, and the environment
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Harnessing new technologies to reveal the mysteries of the brain and develop treatments for Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, autism, learning disorders, and more
Environmental Sustainability
By accelerating the path from scientific investigation to technological development to widespread adoption, we will get the latest advances out of the lab and into daily use at breakneck speed
Frontiers of the Universe
Exploring the physics of the universe, from the tiniest particles to the largest galaxies, and launching space missions to understand the world around us – and beyond
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Discover unique educational experiences for High School, College and University students both here in Canada and on the Weizmann Institute campus.
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Weizmann Canada
For #ScienceSunday we’re sharing a really neat piece from our friends Davidson Institute of Science Education about the physics of table tennis, otherwise known as ping pong!During a game balls can fly across the table at speeds of 100km/hour, change direction shockingly fast, and rotate backwards. There are a few factors that play into why this all occurs. Hit the link below to learn all about the physics and history behind ping pong. Let us know in the comments what was the most interesting thing you learned today! davidson.weizmann.ac.il/en/online/askexpert/physics-table-tennis-aka-ping-pong ... See MoreSee Less
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