It all Starts with a Question…
The Weizmann Institute of Science's more than 80 years of impact starts with a simple question and plenty of imagination and drive. But it takes even more to power our researchers and their laboratories to life-changing success. Individuals, corporations and foundations around the world invest generously in the Weizmann Institute’s research, graduate education and scientific outreach programs, including many Canadians who share our belief in the power of research. Continuing to give scientists the time, space and resources to imagine and discover is the priority of Weizmann Canada.
What is being done for coronavirus research?
Achievements in Science
Imagine science that uncovers the genetic link between stress and metabolic conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.
New Materials
Imagine the introduction of new materials that shape our lives with a greater diversity and at a quicker pace than in previous centuries.
Enriching Science
Imagine science education that produces one out of every three PhDs in science and math in Israel.
our Planet
Imagine science that allows use of the 97 percent of the world’s water that is too salty for drinking or irrigation.
Technology for
a Better World
Imagine science that allows robots to see in the same way humans do.
Imagine individual preventative medicine - the exhilarating vision for medicine in the 21st century.
the Human Brain
Imagine science that designs better drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
Elucidating the
Components of
the Universe
Imagine science that discovers a new kind of supernova and helps explain the universe.
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June 17, 2021
A groundbreaking first step in ALS treatment
Get to Know the People Behind the Science
What does the “love hormone” do? It’s complicated
During the pandemic lockdown, as couples have been forced to spend days and weeks in one another’s company, some have found their love renewed while others are on their way to divorce court.
Honour the past and inspire the future
With the current pandemic acting as an accelerant for mental health issues, a recent research investment from Toronto residents Laura and Anthony Beck is particularly momentous. 
Educational Programs
Discover unique educational experiences for High School, College and University students both here in Canada and on the Weizmann Institute campus.
The International Physics Tournament
Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute
Kupcinet Getz International Science School
What’s Happening
What do you want to give the world?
Latest information about the coronavirus
Daily updates on our COVID-19 (coronavirus) research, in addition to Canadian and international resources.
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Prof. Yonina Eldar uses AI tools to diagnose COVID-19

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Cartilage is one of many tissue types in the body, coping with great friction but rarely losing resilience. Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have researched diligently to create cartilage-inspired hydrogels that boast similar properties, and have the potential for a number of different uses in biomedicine. To learn more: buff.ly/2U51LSk #ScienceSunday ... See MoreSee Less
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Testamentary gift establishes the Tom and Mary Beck Center for Advanced and Intelligent Materials
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Your support is crucial to our scientists, whose out of the box thinking is leading to global health solutions.