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Tend to forget where you are going? Weizmann researchers use bats to see how memory leads to sense of direction -

Near absolute zero (about -273C) really cool stuff happens - Prof. Roee Ozeri's lab looks at supercooled mixtures!

Smell has a huge impact on your everyday life. Prof. Noam Sobel researches odours and the body's response to them.…

When a Super Flash can't be explained - Weizmann Scientists figure out what happened. Was a Black hole involved?

The moment that liquid solution turns solid has never been seen before. Weizmann Scientists were the first!…

What do medical science and mixology have in common? Mixing the right components is key. Science can make it easier

What to do when breast cancer doesn't respond to anti-cancer meds? Prof. Sima Lev and her postdoc fellows may know!

This season, support the amazing scientists at the Weizmann Institute and the incredible research they undertake!…